Caretaker Services & Facility Management

Property maintenance is essential for any responsible owner. Our focus is on the value of the property and sustainability. It is no secret that professionally maintained properties achieve a higher market value than those that have not been properly maintained.

Our most required services are:

  • Technical maintenance of all operational equipment
  • Technical repairs and restoration related to the property
  • Customized and professional house keeping services
  • Instant help

In addition to services regarding the technical facility management we also offer various services concerning the infrastructure of the property.

Frequently required services are:

  • Cleaning services for all kinds of buildings
  • Gardening services
  • Customized security services
  • Other services like clearing of basement, vermin control, relocation, It services, telecommunication, intercom systems, BGVA3 §5 checkings, technical status reports, energy performance certificates, etc.


Udo Bichler
Managing Director