Mission Statement

What Rustler Real Estate stands for

The choice of a property management or a facility management company, as well as the choice of a caretaker company, is fundamentally based on mutual trust.

Nevertheless, we differ significantly from other service providers in particular:

  • Transparency: Rustler 24/7 Net Service! Look over the shoulder of your administrator online! Your advantage: Information whenever, wherever you want via www.rustler.eu. This service is unique and is based on a document management system, electronic file management and processing.

    • all business transactions with historically ranked annotations including the relevant documents (e-mails, letters, etc.)
    • tenant accounts
    • rental agreements
    • vacancy lists
    • Settlements, operating costs settlements
    • statements of account
    • plans
    • rent list, and many more
  • Speed: Your enquiries will be processed by us on the same day – or on the next working day if they arrive after 16.00 h! Your advantage: Your request will be dealt with quickly, you can take care of your core business or – as apartment owners of personal matters and/or your profession – you will get answers and reactions quickly!
  • Stability and sustainability: The company was founded in Austria in 1935 by Frieda Rustler. As an owner-managed family business and together with our employees, we still provide services in all areas of real estate for you today. The Rustler Real Estate Group is one of the largest real estate service providers in Europe with a turnover of around € 50 million, assets under management estimated at € 10 billion and over 600 employees in Austria and CEE countries.
  • We work for you and your investment as if it were our own assets. This is ensured by clear processes and structures. As a family business, we are only accountable to our customers and ourselves and act in this spirit at all times.
    • Special property teams with high professional and communication competence
    • Flat organisational structure with fast decision-making processes
    • customer-oriented processes
    • defined responsibilities and tasks for all employees
    • Absolute focus on the operational business of all employees, including the management